Tiziano Marovino

Tiziano Marovino completed his undergraduate studies in movement science and graduate training in Kinesiology in Canada. He pursued further graduate studies in Physical Therapy, Human Performance Research, and Epidemiology/Biostatistics at Johns Hopkins University in the USA. His postgraduate studies in Public Health (Health Outcomes Research) were completed at Harvard University.


Tiziano is a clinical research therapist, medical science liaison, and key opinion leader in the medical device and biotechnology sector. He specializes in bringing the power of real-world data to the development of new medical devices used in rehabilitation medicine. An early adopter and pioneer in the use of musculoskeletal (MSK) ultrasonography as an imaging tool for Physical Therapists, he leverages his imaging expertise to measure pre- and post-interventional changes (outcomes) in tissue.


He has delivered national and international presentations on trigger points (TrP) and has collaborated with Dr. David Simons (of Travell and Simons), providing TrP images for his manual.


Tiziano spotted the Trigger PRO device at its first public appearance in 2023 and played a fundamental role in validating BILATHERA's technology in the field.

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