Among the people who benefit the most from the use of the Trigger PRO, we have both athletes and practitioners.

Hear what some of our customers are saying:


Jonathan Joseph

Professional Rugby Union Player

"Have a history of arthritic hips, lower back takes a lot of load and range of motion, on top of being very lordotic , need high pressure points on my lower back for it to feel released. In just 2 minutes, BILATHERA relieves my back better than the dry needling I used to do almost every morning."

Professional Road and Track Bicycle Racer

"Riding the bike is very harsh on my core muscles. BILATHERA is great for releasing all that accumulated tension."

Johan Pretorius

Head of Performance at Biarritz Olympique Rugby Club

"Great to enhance player availability, reduce recovery time, and improve performance."


Physiotherapist, Author

"After years of beating up my hands performing manual therapy, the Trigger PRO now most effectively does the heavy lifting for me."

Giancarlo Cuscunà

Private Osteopath, Massage Therapist, Orthopedic Therapist

"Best instrument to release the spinal lumbar region, piriformis, and shoulder mobility."

Lèo Charbonnier

Elite Athlete Physiotherapist

"Trigger PRO allows me to go deeper into the treatment of fascias and motor point. To achieve what BILATHERA does I have to use my joints and elboes to tremendous levels of strain and exertion".


BILATHERA™ Trigger PRO can serve as a professional tool in the hands of athletes or as a performance-enhancing instrument in the hands of practitioners. Try and experience the benefits firsthand.

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