The BILATHERA™ Trigger PRO is an advanced soft tissue mobilization instrument designed to deliver a deeper, faster, and more efficient myofascial release.


Trigger PRO consists of two ergonomic massage probes connected by a rigid strap. This innovative bilateral form factor offers several advantages:


Leverage the force of one hand against the other to create a mechanical advantage and amplify your hand's force.



Two points of contact with the body enable counterbalanced stability and controlled pressure application.



The converging opposing massage probes function like the tips of pliers, allowing for a precise bilateral grasping of muscles groups.

Trigger PRO features multiple lever arms ergonomically integrated to fit around the hands. A proprietary design element of this system is the Back Hand Support (BHS), an adjustable metal bracket supporting the back of each hand, providing:

- Enhanced dexterity and hand support;
- Wider surface of contact for maximum tactile feedback transmission;
- Lever arm force booster deployable through wrist rotation.


Trigger PRO's compound lever arm system amplifies input force by over four times, significantly reducing the effort required for deep tissue release.

Visual Representation of Force Vectors During Bilateral Ischemic Compression of the Lower Back

Video demonstration of the Trigger PRO 4-LEVER Force Amplification System

The bilateral design of the Trigger PRO allows users to easily grasp any part of the body, enabling the generation of massage pressure by clamping onto specific muscles and leveraging hand force, much like the tips of pliers. This innovative capability fundamentally improves the biomechanics involved in manual therapy and allows for new, more effective, myofascial release modalities.

Biomechanics of Traditional Manual Therapy

When a practitioner uses their body to leverage the force of manual therapy, their chest acts as the fulcrum with the arms independently playing the role of levers. The quality of the treatment is directly related to the practitioner’s physical capabilities, and factors such as fatigue and accumulated stress on their joints can shorten their career over time.

Biomechanics of Trigger PRO

Using the Trigger PRO device changes this dynamic. The device generates the necessary force and serves as the fulcrum, distributing the load evenly around the practitioner's hands. This drastically reduces physical strain and allows for consistent, high-quality myofascial release over longer periods.

Trigger PRO is the first massage instrument designed to be fitted like an exoskeleton, significantly enhancing your manual therapy capabilities. The device's geometry is meticulously crafted to simulate the action of your fingers during pressure application, while its snug fit around the back of your hand ensures exceptional dexterity.


These features make Trigger PRO feel like an extension of your hands, offering unparalleled sensitivity and tactile feedback compared to your body at similar force and depth.

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