Manual Therapy is a proven and highly effective component in many types and forms of therapy today.


The patented BILATHERA technology and product platform was invented and engineered to further enhance the efficacy of focused point-based manual therapy.


BILATHERA achieves a deeper, more controlled, more stable, bilateral massage that is safer and easier for therapists. Multiple degrees of mechanical advantage are engineered into the device to achieve this paradigm shift in massage capability and efficacy.


A wide assortment and/or combination of massage head tip geometries further enhance the specificity and efficacy of the BILATHERA manual therapy.


Some of these benefits are:


Increased Pressure & Deeper Massage

By applying leveraged pressure to a specific area from both sides, BILATHERA is more effective at releasing tension and alleviating pain.


Improved Stability

BILATHERA offers greater stability of massage, making it easier for the therapist to maintain pressure and target specific areas.


Less Stress on Therapists

The leveraged nature of BILATHERA means the eherapist exertion and stress is drammatically reduced and can achieve more results in a shorter period of time.


Safer & Enhanced Relaxation

BILATHERA allows patients to remain in a more natural and relaxed balanced position allowing for a more comfortable and effective massage.

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